Shanshui Records

Title: Shield / Penetration
Catalogue number: SHANSHUI 001
Release date: 2014/03/24

01. Covox - Shield
02. Sulumi - Penetration


Sun Dawei aka Sulumi lives in Beijing and with his talent and enthusiasm he is fully dedicated to his music projects and even runs his own label "Shanshui Records". He began his music adventure around the year 2000, since then he has played in rock-bands, composed for film and has been busy as a producer and remixing artists such as Brain Failure, New Pants, Jeans Team, Mochipet and Kid606.
His first single on Bleepstreet is "Machine It" and contains 2 remixes by Dubmood and Shirobon.

  • Covox

    Growing up in a distant town in northern Sweden, the prime musical inspiration came from the local punk and rave scenes. Developing a love affair with trashy productions and raw energy, he is now channeling his unique blend of techno and pop through repurposed low-tech electronics. Coaxing primitive waveforms into fist-throwing basslines and melodies, he challenges public perception of what can be achieved with obsolete tech. He has since the debut in 2003 toured extensively throughout Europe, Asia and North America.